About us

We have been hunting since we were young. This passion has been passed down through generations in our families. Because we are proud of our hunting traditions, we strive to constantly improve and get to know new ones. And also to simplify your mission and work (which hunting is undoubtedly). Hunting and hunting is our lifestyle, so we try to make it as pleasant and efficient as possible. Therefore, in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry and Timber Of the Czech Technical University in Prague and under the auspices of the Order of St. Huberta has developed a platform to promote hunting and hunting. This created a mobile application for iOS, Android and we also prepared a web application. Hunterra is a partner application of Czech hunters (we are partners of čmmj).

Our aim was not to invent a "bike", so we tested the applications available on the market for a long time. Unfortunately, none of them fully met our needs. That's why we've decided to develop tailor-made solutions. Tailored not only to themselves, but also to other Czechoslovak hunters. We did a questionnaire survey among hunters to see if there is any interest in using mobile apps in hunting at all and what such an app should meet.

The results of the questionnaire, to which 300 hunters responded, were surprising in many cases, but we were given valuable information on the basis of which we started to work. Thus, design the application that will most closely meet the needs of the European hunter. Originally we focused mainly on joint hunts, but after obtaining data from questionnaires and after discussions with students and users of hunting, we extended the application to individual hunting and the needs of hunting householders.

We are now launched by Hunterra and look forward to your feedback. We plan a number of new features, stay tuned and we look forward to hunting together.